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At Rentokil we understand the challenges that customers have when it comes to managing their onsite pest control. With the newly upgraded myRentokil, customers are able to have quick access to site pest management performance and leverage pioneering features that allow for enhanced pest management, respond faster to situations and meet audit standards.

myRentokil tablet

Over the past 5 years, myRentokil has supported customers globally meet rigorous standards when it comes to pest control. With the new myRentokil, we have taken into account your feedback and integrated this - allowing you to manage your pest control and meet audit standards even better than ever before.

Benefits of the new myRentokil:

  • Access information more efficiently through a simplified navigation bar, and embedded table filter and sort function
  • Identify where you are on the portal with use of the breadcrumb nagivation and access a previous page with ease
  • Review crucial information prompted by our newly integrated summary module feature and take action more swiftly
  • Access deeper actionable insights with our novel and groundbreaking dynamic charting technology
  • Develop customised reporting on a single site or a collection of sites to compare pest management performance
  • View where pest devices are located on an enlarged site plan and gain insight into the device history
  • Responsive on multiple devices providing you with an enhanced quality of experience

Discover the new myRentokil features & benefits

With the newly upgraded myRentokil, you will be able to manage your pest control even better than before. Fully redesigned to provide you with the best possible user experience, the portal now boasts pioneering features that provides you with an even greater awareness of the pest activities and actions you need to take to minimise pest risk across your entire estate.

Supporting businesses between and during audits

One of the most stressful times for a business is during pest control audits. Auditors often require businesses to prove that sufficient actions have been taken to ensure minimum chances of a pest infestation occurring. Next to providing the right documentation of pest activity findings, preparations and actions taken by the customer to close recommendations, it is also the responsibility of customers to check on their site performance between audits in order to minimise pest-related challenges.

A new feature that will better support customers gain greater value out of the insights are the dynamic charts; created with a data visualisation programme this new feature will provide customers with a greater understanding of their site performance. Not only does it allow the user to view performance of a specific site but it also has the capability to showcase performance of multiple sites across the entire estate.

Using the filter options, the user is able to select which site(s) they want to see, the period of time they want to compare it against, and view the number of open, pending, and closed recommendations during that period of time. In addition, the charting insight also provide the user with information of pest infestation over time and the count of infestations that occurred.