Tiempo Real de Gestiona Radio entrevista a Jesús Travesedo

El programa Tiempo Real de Gestiona Radio entrevista a nuestro Director General, Jesús Travesedo, quien hace un balance del sector de la higiene ambiental en los últimos años, además de hablarnos de los diferentes servicios que ofrece Rentokil Initial y de su evolución en los últimos años desde una empresa de control de plagas a una empresa multiservicios cuyo principal objetivo es promover la higiene ambiental entre particulares y empresas, tanto del sector privado como del sector público.
Premio a Rentokil por Pestaurant

Premio a Rentokil por Pestaurant

Not only are we attracting fascinated visitors to our #Pestaurant, it is now winning awards too. Having been short listed in three categories at the annual Golden Hedgehog Awards, we went on to win the gong for ‘Event of the Year 2013’. This has been followed by an In2 SABRE (formerly Silver Sabre) award for ‘Best Live Event 2013’, which is run by The Holmes Group and recognises insight and innovation.  We are looking forward to collecting our second award during the Holmes Reports’ Summit, at Kings Place, London in May.

If these awards are any indication, it seems the British public has a curiosity for pests and an appetite for edible insects. So expect to see our #Pestaurant and mini-bug buffets popping up throughout 2014.

Check Pestaurant.co.uk to keep up-to-date on our upcoming events and find out if Rentokil is hosting a mini-bug buffet or Pestaurant near you!